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For decades, GIA has been on the cutting edge of gemological research, analyzing data on gems and their characteristics. This effort becomes more challenging each year, as new gem sources emerge and new treatment processes and synthetic materials come onto the market.

Recent Findings

Atypical Bead Cultured Pinctada maxima Pearls Nucleated with Freshwater Non-Bead Cultured Pearls

A study of 12 white and yellow “golden” South Sea cultured pearls nucleated with freshwater non-bead cultured pearls.

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Color Classification and Stability of Queen Conch Pearls

Color stability experiments show that the color of Queen conch shell and pearls may shift in hue and/or saturation under X-ray radiation or short-wave UV radiation.

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A piece of diamond rough with green body color and triangular etchings on the surface.
GIA Researchers Reveal the Secrets to Diamond-in-a-Diamond Mystery

Researchers examined one of the most interesting and unique diamond crystals ever found.

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